TGP Services


Hydrostatic test

According to department of industrial works, every high pressure cylinders are to be retested for every 5 years under the qualified company. Thai Gas Product is appointed and qualified to do the hydro static test.

Repair cylinder valve

Thai Gas Product does have an expertise who can fix and repair the defected valve.


Cylinder cleaning

If the cylinder found out to be contaminated, Thai Gas Product did have the right to reject the cylinder for refilling. Until, the cylinder has been proven that it was cleaned and tested by the authorized company.


Cylinder refurbishing

Those cylinders that are refurbished will be repaint according to its gas usage.

บริการจัดทำโครงแพค และติดตั้ง  ชุดแมนนิโฟลด์ (ชุดระบบจ่ายก๊าซ)

Build cylinder frame and Gas manifold

Thai Gas Product does design and build cylinder frame, including manifold, for customers who need big gas volume usage.


Gas line installation

Gas line installation according to safety standard.